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Expert Advice & Implementation Of Media Strategies

Looking for the perfect winning strategy?

Obtaining approval from communities, businesses, and constituents begins with effectively communicating your vision and delivering it with consistency and precision. Modern means of communication must be well understood and implemented, while utilizing God-inspired wisdom leading to one outcome: absolute victory.

Alliance Network

Connecting professionals with the right resources and people.

Established Principles

Grounded in Judeo-Christian conservative ideals.

Media Interview - journalists with microphones interviewing formal dressed politician or businessman.

Areas of Excellence

Web Design & Services

Development & management of websites, landing pages, and lead generating methods.

Payment Portal

Receive payments online in every available form of payment by implementing online payment portals.

Professional Video

Recording, editing, and publishing of professional videos designed to engage your defined audience.

Team Management

Implementing the right technologies and resources to enable/improve seemless team communication.

Script Writing

Research, preparation, and review of scripts crafted in excellence for debates, speeches, and media.

Professional Forms

Create stunning legal and professional documents for use in establishing credibility.

Graphics & More

Design, print, and distribution of brochures, PDFs, photos, banners, and flyers.

Social Media Marketing

Advancing your brand through the right media channels for your audience.

Trained by

Founded in 1979 by its president, Morton C. Blackwell, LI provides training in campaigns, fundraising, grassroots organizing, youth politics, and communications. The Institute teaches conservatives of all ages how to succeed in politics, government, and the media.

The time has come to return our nation to its foundational values of Judeo-Christian morals and standards. These values set the United States of America apart as the most prosperous and free nation in the world.

Our firm is committed to reestablishing these values in America by helping to place people who are called by God into positions of influence – specifically in the foundational pillars of Government & Education.

Services Aimed at Achieving Victory

Why Choose Our Firm

Excellent Track Record

Our alignment with businesses and public servants has proven to yield victories measured by quantifiable results, such as increased sales, gained popularity, and victory at the polls.

Transparent Timelines & Fees

Realistic timelines are established to reach specific deadlines. Fee schedules are discussed ahead of any project implementation to secure budget goals.

Unparalleled Client Communication

Our clients receive a personal point-of-contact with full availability to discuss all immediate and non-urgent concerns.

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Integrity, morals, and values matter

What Our Clients Say

The best speech writers don’t just write a great speech; they find the candidate’s voice and help them to express it clearly. Sozo was precise in finding my voice and using it to energize my voters.

I always looked better than my competition. My commercials, my Zoom calls, my graphics, everything was levels higher than my competition. That, combined with the ability to communicate messaging that went viral in my district and motivated voters. That was so invaluable. Sozo broke through the noise with very succinct, tightened up messaging, while avoiding the nonsense.
James Satcher, Manatee County Commissioner
A positive testimonial that you think will tell people how good you are. Some positive words from an existing or a past client makes a lot of difference and boosts conversions on your website!
Terry Franklin
United States

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